Terms and condition

1. All customer are advised after booking HEATHROW MINICAB/MINICABITT you will get the conformation mail that includes the journey detail its customers responsibility to check all the detail and verify that correct.

2. Company will not be responsible for any kind of missed flight or appointment because of heavy traffic , bad weather condition, accident , road blocks , vehicle breakdown or any circumstance , in that case we just help you as much we can.

3. Its customers responsibility to to select the vehicle according to there passenger and luggage, if there is any confusion contact us we will assist you any time. When taxi reach at your place the and your passenger or luggage will not fit in the car you chose . Company will not refund any cost for the other vehicle arrangement the full charges will be applicable.

4 while booking for airport customer should have arrange the taxi accordingly that you reach at the airport 4 hours before the flight departure.

5. All the customer are advised to follow law of the land like:
For passenger safety taxi licensing require all the luggage will securely fastening in the boot if
you are not sure about the capacity of the vehicle plz don’t hesitate to contact we assist you.
Company will not provide any smoking cab . Smoking is strictly prohibited in the car.
Please provide arrival time correctly in UK don’t provide departing time to avoid confusion.
Plz provide proper contact details in case we can contact your in alternative method if on is not working.
If any serious delays in the flight please contact us that we can make the arrangement.

6 If you carry any animal like cat and dog please mention in the booking Instruction section. We reserve the right to refuse the booking if these detail didn’t mention in the booking, money will not refund. The exact route of your journey is down to the driver’s discretion on the day of travel alternate route may be requested and will be assessed by the driver on the case by case.

7 passenger make any changes while traveling to the destination or go through via he/she should inform us to make nesscary changes in the fare to avoid any dispute with the driver.

8 Company will not refund any thing if customer do not wait for the driver and took another taxi without informing the office.

9. All customer are advised to give 24 hour notice while canceling the the pre booking ( this condition will not applicable on the app booking or live booking )

10. We are Price comparable website that helps you find cheapest as well as best rated service provider ou AI do the crawl on Web portals and will choose the best rated and affordable service provide